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Breaking into My Life

Breaking Into My Life chronicles the impact that growing up with a mentally-ill mother had on author Michelle Dickinson-Moravek, and how she finally reclaimed herself and the life she deserved.

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Today I want to share a powerful tool called 18percent. I could not wait to share this with my community!

So, 18percent is a powerful app that a dear friend and colleague of mine created. It is an online peer to peer support community for anyone suffering from any mental health issue. They understand the issue is widespread. In fact, 18% of Americans suffer from mental illness at any given moment. They recognize that it can be difficult to talk to someone who may not understand first-hand what someone may be going through, so this community allows them to chat with people in real-time from around the world for free.

And, the love and support on this site is amazing! There are many monitors on this global app. There are over 260 global members on the app around the clock. Thanks to their monitors, they recently prevented a suicide attempt. Given that there is a natural gravitation to apps by both kids and adults, I think that this app is another great resource for those who may be unwilling to talk about how they are feeling. Please have a look and share this great tool with your loved ones!

Here is the link.

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