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Breaking into My Life

Breaking Into My Life chronicles the impact that growing up with a mentally-ill mother had on author Michelle Dickinson-Moravek, and how she finally reclaimed herself and the life she deserved.

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What a Whirlwind!

It has been a whirlwind few weeks for me. I wanted to pause and share with you how life is unfolding for me. I have to say that it is really pretty amazing!

In October, I finally moved into my own place in my home town of Westfield. It is so good to be home and I am feeling quite content being in my new space. In mid-November, I had the incredible opportunity to speak and inspire the remarkable men and woman researchers and scientists who are committed to brain health. They are the ones working feverishly on brain research. I found it beyond humbling to get to remind them of the vital work they are doing to forward brain discovery with the goal to end suffering of those struggling with mental illness. I will never forget that special experience and the kind words that followed that incredible opportunity.

This week, I had the pleasure of participating in my first ever video podcast which was pretty awesome. I hope you take a moment to watch it! And, later this week I will give my TED talk publicly at the What’s Your Story event happening on Saturday evening at the Fuel Factory in Flemington. Come out and be inspired by an amazing group of courageous speakers. Also, this month, I took on the role of a moderator for the amazing a powerful peer to peer mental health community that I truly adore. This gives me another chance to make a difference with those suffering from mental health challenges, which I love.

Finally, next week I leave for Date with Destiny a Tony Robbins self-development program taking place in Florida (thank goodness!). I plan to play full out and get the most out of that development experience! Yay!

You will be hearing more from me in the coming weeks. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your amazing support in helping us to move the conversation around mental illness out of the shadows.

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